I'm Barb.

I'm Mom to seven great kids.

My oldest is now about to enter his junior year in college. I really don't see how its possible because yesterday I took him to his first day of kindergarten. My babies, the Wonder Twins, are high school sophomores. So, dear friends, I am eyeball-deep in the my-babies-are-growing-up emotional roller coaster myself!

But, just for funsies, we followed the call put on our heart and started over again with a two-year-old! She really is the apple of our eye and has brought a whole new dynamic to our family. We are all so in love. She is now three and we are still crazy about her.

And then, recently we lost my best friend tragically and her youngest son moved in with us, bringing our family to nine. I wish she was not gone, but I am happy that he is here.

I regret not getting serious about photography until they were all older, so the poor baby is going to be tired of my camera!



I have always had an interest in good photography-- composition, light, capturing my kids just being themselves

 but it wasn't until I was asked to photograph a family member with special needs-- and not being happy with the results-- that I decided to actually LEARN my camera. I had a Nikon D40 back then, but I learned to rock that little thing!


The business grew from the desire to photograph children in the way that I now wish I had done with my kids as littles.

I pour so much of myself in every push of the shutter because I am at a place in life where most of my clients are not yet. I sometimes joke with them that I know what portraits are the ones they are going to treasure in ten years, and-- I promise you--- it seldom will be the one sitting in front of a backdrop looking at the camera with a smile.


Connecting through shared experiences.

My goal, whether I am photographing your family, your newborn or your soon-to-be graduate, is for your time with me to be more than just a photo session. I want it to be a memory.

It's nice to meet you.