Allison + Tara

I am really drawn to the simple beauty of an intimate wedding. I seek out the opportunity to photograph those small events held in backyards, tucked in the corner of a park, out in front of city hall. Now, don't get me wrong-- even the most grand of weddings in a beautiful church is magical because love is at the center of it all, but there's just something special about the intimacy of a small group of loved ones being present as a new family is born. 

Having the opportunity to photograph that kind of connection in one of our state's most prestigious churches-- the King's Ave United Methodist Church in Columbus OH-- was a really unique experience. The building is incredible. The grounds, a vibrant spring show.

Witnessing Tara, Allison and their daughter stand in front of their loved ones and commit their lifetime to one another, simple and pure, amidst all the pomp and circumstance of that building was perfect. I wish them a lifetime of the joy and happiness I witnessed between the two of them!