Hello, baby C!

It all begins at home, they say. The safe place where kids grow into the people they are and are going to become. Home is where their foundation is built on trust and laughter and guidance and love. Being AT HOME in today's world is a special thing in all its ordinary-ness and routine.

And then a new little one joins the fun and shakes it all to the core. You're left to build a new normal, a better one.

The last time I photographed the Sensel family was in the fall at the Norma Johnson Center. Little two-year-old Zachary gave me a hug before he got in the van and said, "See you when baby Carter comes!" When baby Carter did come, and I got to meet him at two weeks old, that little boy hadn't lost any of his excitement for that new baby. And big sister was already a pro.

Photographing families in their home never gets old to me. I love the intimacy to it and the unscripted way it all unfolds. It's something you can't completely plan for. Each time is totally unique-- even when you visit the same home and family.

Kind of like life. 

Hello, baby. You have a great family, and I am lucky to be the one who gets to see you through the camera lens.