Andrew | NPHS Class of 2017

When Andrew was a little boy, there was one thing you could guarantee-- to get him outside was going to be a fight. He hated being outdoors. Hiking, swimming, even playing in the backyard, were the last things he ever wanted to do. 

Then, he hit his teen years and he developed an interest in the National Park System and conservation. Suddenly, my oldest child wanted to be outside all the time. He wanted to explore new parks. He wanted to see new places, and if he couldn't get to them today, he was learning about them online.

I've already taken a number of "senior pictures" of my son this year, but this afternoon may be my favorite. He and I took a hike through the woods. We talked about his future, and I got another glimpse into his passion about the environment and the protection of places like the Norma Johnson Center where we were. Being the oldest of five, he hasn't had many times of just him and I for that long in one day. 

I need to do it more often.