Lobner Family

I was introduced to Anna and her husband Brian by their eldest daughter Kayla after I had done photos of her and her husband with their then newborn son. The Lobners started coming to our church, and, even though we usually attended different service times, I had the chance to get to know a few of their children in the Sunday school classroom. 

What a lovely, sweet family! I consider myself very lucky to have been invited to their home to photograph their family. Kayla moved home with her two children-- Hudson and Mason-- while her husband was off for military service, and she asked me over when he returned. 

A couple of the younger boys were not so sure of me and took a little longer warming up. The others treated me as if we were old friends, showing me around their property and sharing the secrets of the magic that they said lives there.

There's so much about this session that I love. The love Anna and Brian have for one another and their children. Their sweet little grandchildren who are going to grow up with aunts and uncles as best friends. Zack, Kayla's husband, simply being another one of their children. The introduction of baby Kya to the world.

Five little girls. Five little boys. A son-in-law. And two little grandsons.

Anna and Brian are very blessed indeed.