Wild Child Sessions!

Wild Child Sessions

A celebration of childhood and the Great Outdoors

Come join me.



I often long for the days of childhood old. Bare feet in the grass. Playing cops and robbers. Stealing Dad's flashlights to play Ghosts in the Graveyard once the fireflies had gone back to sleep. S'mores around a backyard fire. Riding bikes with friends all over the neighborhood.

Wild Child Sessions are a combination of childhood and imagination with a little bit of wildness thrown in. Kids being kids. You and I will work together to create an adventure for your child. I will provide the props and a little bit of magic as your child leads in the fun. Make no mistake-- this is not my Portraiture package. There will be no poses and canned smiles. This is all real play. They may get messy. They may get wet.

And they will have fun.

No two sessions will be alike because no two children are alike.

Wild Child Sessions include a special adventure, complete with props to fit the theme we create together, that should last between 1 to 3 hours. There's no limit to the number of children in a session, so siblings, cousins and friend sessions are welcome. You'll receive an online gallery for ordering fine art prints and products and 10 digital files with print release for $150. 

Sessions may need to be booked two weeks or more in advance to allow for me to collect props and other items we may need, depending on the theme or idea we come up with. Your props and costumes are welcome too! 

So, let's start talking. I'm ready to create a memory with you and your child!