Bryce | Wild Child Session


We all know the memes. Children today don't know what they're missing. We ran barefoot from the moment we crawled from bed until we were called in from catching fireflies. We dug holes. We played in mud. Danced in the rain. Built forts in the woods. Swung stick swords and wielded finger guns. Rode our bikes in the street until the street lights came on. Took Mason jars full of fireflies to bed with us.

And our kids know nothing of this life.

Why shouldn't they? Go on adventures in your backyard. Visit an out-of-the-way part of the park and let your child explore. Kids can still just be kids today. Embrace an old-style childhood for the rest of the summer.

I was introduced to Leeanne through mutual friends to photograph her son Bryce right before his birthday. He loves to explore. I took them to a location that my children love and we let him just BE.

And I took pictures.

My first Wild Child Session.