Class of 2017, it's your time!

As the Class of 2016 spend their last couple days in school, the focus begins to turn on planning that senior year for the incoming class. The Senior portrait experience is often one of the highlights for most teens. I call it an "experience" because that's what it should be-- not just a normal photo session.

Barbara Jo Photography is a full-service boutique photography studio who uses the world as the stage. I do not have a physical office or indoor studio because it's just not the kind of photography that interests me. I CAN shoot indoors, and I do when clients want it. I just have to find the right location. I don't use backdrops except for the occasional roll of seamless paper. My lighting source is the light around us with the occasional assistance of scrims and reflectors.

I love to photograph everyone-- but especially seniors-- in settings that mean something to the teen or parent, but I also like to use some of my favorite locations to help show off the personality of my subject. Plenty of parents scratch their head at some of these locations-- they're not the typical spots you generally see photographers, but no one has complained once they've seen the final product.

All the information about pricing and packages are now available under the Investment tab above. Staying competitive in terms of service and products is important to me, but it is my desire to provide the best experience and portraits in Tuscarawas county. 

Class of 2017, I hope you will join me.