McClave Family | Hello, Baby!

There's a certain raw beauty to lifestyle newborn photography that draws me in. I love to look at other people's work, and I jump at the chance to provide this service to others. As a mom of preteens and teens, I step into someone else's house with my camera and a seasoned eye-- I often shoot the moments I wish I had for myself in pictures. 

Photographing newborns and infants as a lifestyle session is a beautiful way to show your children just what the first few moments of their life was like, but, I think just as important, it reminds us just what those first few moments of being a parent was like. I love seeing the moms glow and the dads bursting in pride, both starting to gain their confidence in their new role. 

I didn't get to meet Estella until she was 6 weeks old because of some complications Mom was dealing with. On the first day I got to the house, the poor baby was having her first upset tummy. Mom and Dad braved through it for a little while (I'm still sad I missed that projectile vomiting episode on camera. She was a champ!) We eventually decided to wait a couple days for me to return. What a sweet, adorable little baby! I hope I continue to have the opportunity to photograph her as she grows!