A boy and his shark

Donnie loves his shark. When his mom messaged me, she told me about how he carries it from room to room, dances with it to the infamous "Daddy Shark" song ("do do do do do do" you know you know it...) dozens of times throughout the day and seems to always have him within arm's reach wherever he goes and whatever he plays with. So, she wanted a simply: lovie session to remember his bond with this guy as he grows up.

I have to say I giggled when I got there and saw that Donnie's "lovie" was big enough to eat him...

But even lovies get tossed aside on some days and try as we might, he was just not interested in any shark fun that day. Instead, he was more interested in his trains.

All of us seasoned moms-of-a-boy know what's going on in that second-to-last photo-- James the Red Engine is smiling up at him as if to say, "We've hooked another one, Thomas!"