Littel Family

Some of my all-time favorite photos that I've ever taken have been of the Littel family (some of my all-time favorite people!) Earlier this year, Adam and Missy started a new adventure moving a few hours away. They live not far from Kent now and spend time regularly on Kent State University's campus visiting friends in school there. On one of their trips, they discovered the book wall. With Missy being a children's librarian and books being a big deal in their family, she knew that we had to do this year's pictures there. It was good to visit with my friends and see the boys. I got some of the best compliments ever by how much fun they were having. The oldest even stated that he had "no idea this was going to actually be fun!"

I'm honored that they asked me to drive up to them versus finding a new photographer local. Love all four of them, and I hope I get to continue to photograph them for many, many years to come.