Alayna | NPHS Class of 2017

Alayna is another young lady whom I have known since she was very young. She grew up in church with my kids and started going to school at NPHS a few years ago. She's a field commander for the Marching Quaker Band and is involved with a lot of others things with my kids. She's a beautiful soul who's grown into a beautiful young woman as well. 

Alayna is enrolled at Kent State, so we were able to meet early one morning before class to do her first session. The light in the mornings is very different than in the evening, and I wish I had more opportunity to shoot during it. Besides it being a little cooler and wet from dew, it's a great time to schedule your session!

I can't wait to finish her session when we get some snow. We also plan on doing some portraits on the field soon as well.