Abby | NPHS Class of 2017

Abby was hiding an amazing location from me. She couldn't decide where she wanted to meet, and then finally decided on the downtown New Philadelphia area around her favorite place and where she works-- the Daily Grind. After we did those, her mom suggested I follow them back to their house to finish the session. Talk about a photographer's dream! Backlit fields of wildflowers, deep wooded areas, plenty of texture in the various building and then Atwood Lake at her doorstep. This ended up being one of my favorite sessions because it was so unexpected for me. I try to go into each session with a plan of action, and I had forgotten that Abby and her family had moved lakeside a few years ago.

Abby is another one of my seniors who wants to finish her gallery with winter/snow pictures. I'm hoping to revisit the downtown area and do more with the coffeeshop then! Abby did great! I had a lot of fun with her.