What's New at BJP in 2016? Time to talk about the Kids! | Dover OH photographer

Plain and simple, I don't photograph kids enough. Want to know a little secret about me? I am more comfortable around kids than adults. I love kids! Everything about me screams kids! I have five kids of my own. My education was early childhood development. Nearly my entire work history has involved playing with kids-- from my first teenaged job at the YMCA in Dover to day care to the YMCA in downtown Canton to children's ministry work at two different churches, nearly all of my work has involved being with children. My husband and I fostered over twenty children as well. I love kids.

My biggest goal for 2016 is to become the premiere children's photographer in Tuscarawas county. Lofty goals, I know. We have some mind-blowing awesome baby photographers in our area. We have some fantastic wedding photographers and senior photographers. I want to be the go-to children's photographer for Dover/New Phila and the surrounding area. Period. That's what I'm striving for. Whether someone is looking for photos of their two-year-old, seven-year-old or fifteen-year-old, I want people to think of Barbara Jo Photography. So, how am I going to do that? I think it's simple, really. I'm going to take a lot of photos of kids.

In my family session blog post, I talked about increasing the emphasis put on the relationship between parents. I also want to put more of an emphasis on the kids in the family and their dynamics. I'm going to get you your everyone-looking-at-the-camera-smiling pic, but I hope to get some portraits that make you say, "THAT'S my boy! You got him perfectly." I want to get photos of kids being real, playing around together, having fun as part of your family session.

I am a mom of five, like I said. My oldest is seventeen. I have always had a good camera set on AUTO since becoming a mom. I had a good eye for composition and only felt the tug to truly LEARN my camera and how to be a photographer a few years ago. My youngest two are both eleven. I have come to realize that I am drawn to providing parents with the kind of photos they don't even realize they need. Because I didn't know it either until my children started reaching the edge of adulthood. Trust me, you're going to wish you had those little details.

I know a lot of people love mini sessions. It is a great way to get updated photos, celebrate holidays, etc. in a quick, efficient way. Once again, we have some photographers in this area that come up with some adorable mini session ideas, and I am just not one who feels the need to re-invent the wheel or go with the status quo. Personally, I find traditional mini sessions a bit cookie cutter and boring. BUT, I am going to start offering mini sessions with a BJP twist throughout the year. Instead of creating a "set"  with props and backdrops to sit your child in smiling at the camera like many other photographers do, I am going to offer themed sessions at different times throughout the year that will fit more within my brand of authenticity and playful moments. Prices will be discounted from the three full packages that I offer but will reflect the amount of time/money invested in props/other factors involved in each theme. Themes may revolve around a season, a location, a holiday, or many other factors. They will be limited availability and the only way you can receive the promotional pricing. I am so excited about this!

What's one big thing all these mini themed sessions are going to mean for the BJP family of clients?

Well, the chance to get free sessions. Plain and simple, mini themed sessions will need advertised and promoted, and I need to do a session to do that. Model calls will go out to past clients first and foremost to fill any needs I have to promote my work. This will mean a session at no cost to you, a couple free 8x10's and the chance to order photos without the commitment. In some cases, I may contact a parent directly and other times I may put out a call for help.

Next week, the BJP website will go live with the changes  to pricing and other updates for 2016. With it, you will be able to sign up for the Kids' Club to receive a a special birthday portrait session for each child good only for the week of their birthday. More details are coming up on this great way to save as well!

Premiere children's photographer in Tuscarawas county. That's my goal. Providing you the best experience full of fun, imaginative play and moments of childhood that are classic, idealistic yet are just busting at the seams all about your child. The kind of photos I treasure of my kids and wish I had more of. That's what I want to give you.