And Adhu Makes Four | An Adoption Story | Red Thread Sessions | Dover OH photographer

For this child I have prayed. ~ 1 Samuel 1:27

I was very lucky a couple weeks ago to have met the O'Brien family who found me on the Red Thread Sessions photographer listing.

After an exhausting adoption process, the couple had traveled in 2009 to Kazahstan in hopes of adopting a sibling group. It's funny how God always seems to have better plans for us when we think we have it all worked out! Instead of sibling group, they found their daughter Cecelia and fell in love, but knew right away that their family was not yet complete.

Well, CeCe's adoption process was nothing compared to the journey they embarked upon for their son! Countries closed their programs while they were waiting for referrals, and a third referral fell through. In 2013, they were introduced to the India program and saw the face of sweet little Adhyay. He had severe, untreated scoliosis, but they were optimistic about the treatments available to him here. 

On July 6, 2015, after two years of red tape and prayer, the O'Brien's gained custody of their son. The oldest child in the orphanage, Adhyay was adored by his caregivers and lovingly nicknamed "Adhu." On July 17th, the O'Brien family was home.

I loved spending time with this family! Everything was so new and exciting to Adhu! He had to see the back of the camera for every picture I took and had to make sure Mommy and Daddy got to see them too! (Talk about pressure to make sure you get it right in camera!) He had a great smile, but he still wanted Mommy to tickle is belly before every shot, and he was very proud of his hat just like Daddy's. 

And his sister! What a doting big sister she was! She took control of everything and really wanted to make sure it was all special for her little brother.

Adhu started kindergarten last week. I am so blessed by this organization that I was given the chance to meet and become friends with this family. I love seeing both of these children's sweet smiles in my newsfeed each day!

Congratulations, O'Brien family! What a blessing it is to be a part of your story.