Dr. Anne Harper, author | commercial headshots | Dover OH photographer

I had the distinct privilege of reading my dear friend Dr. Anne Harper's young adult fantasy novel Calijah about ten years ago. Myself along with a couple other friends helped critique and strength what was already a very well-written story. (And fantasy-- even YA fantasy-- is not something I gravitate to, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.) She wrote this book as part of a series at the encouragement of her two young teen sons and their friends-- boys who loved fantasy as much as she and couldn't read the genre fast enough.

So, I was thrilled when I heard that Dr. Harper was finally releasing the story to the world. When she asked me to photograph her for her promotional needs, I was honored to do it. I love this caring, awesome lady with all my heart. (Did I also mention that she is a Hospice physician?) Go check out her book today, currently available in audiobook or ebook form and soon to be in print, and give her some love as well.