Once Upon a Time | A Special Love Story | Dover OH family photographer

Once upon a time, a girl fell for a soldier. They were pretty crazy in love and made a good life together. He served in Iraq, served his country well. He loved being a soldier-- proud of his job in the Army, and she was everything an Army wife could be, proudly at his side. Jimmy loved his Cleveland sports. He loved cowboy boots and line dancing, country music and a fun-spirited hip-hop song just the same. If he could get an audience while dancing to it, it was the kind of music for him. He loved wrestling-- both the staged kind and the real stuff. He wrestled in the Army and coached kids both here in the US at his alma mater and during his training in Korea.

And the only thing he loved more than kids was his baby girl Hannah. What a pair those two were.

He was so excited to come home from his training in Korea and get to live again with his wife and little girl and the new little one she was carrying. When he returned to Fort Campbell, all he seemed to talk about on Facebook or in phone calls was the countdown until they were together again.

He died on the morning Rachel went for her ultrasound hundreds of miles away. He never knew he was a Daddy to two little girls. It seems he had a medical issue that had gone undetected in his physicals. He was not an invincible as he thought he was.

Rachel is one of the strongest women I have ever known. She has raised these sweet little girls to know how much their Daddy loved her, loved his country and loved them. He is a part of their life on a daily basis. We all see him in so many places every day, but nowhere more than his two little ones. When Rachel saw another soldier's wife honor her husband in a similar way, she knew she had to do this session for herself, for her girls, for Jimmy, and the other military families out there separated from their loved ones. The rainy Ohio weather kept this from being a 4th of July post as we intended (and we still didn't get to use our intended location to do this shoot,) but Rachel wanted to remind us all of the sacrifices made every day by the brave military members and their families holding it down back home, missing them.

We miss you, Jimmy.