The Greene Family | A Family Story | Dover OH family photographer

I am a firm believer in the idea that photography really has little to do with us adults and much more to do with our children. The pictures that we display out in the open or in albums that our children can touch and see will help form the memories they have of their childhood.

Pictures bouncing on mom and dad's bed, playing in the backyard, cuddling in the nursery, snuggling on the sofa. These are the kind of pictures of my childhood I cherish, and the kind my children love to see. 

Remember how he used to stand in his crib and throw his stuffed animals out just so I would pick them back up?

Oh, there's that clubhouse we made in the garden under the pea trellis! We couldn't fit under there anymore.

That was my favorite book!

Our photos evoke the best kind of memories. Sweet baby Lyla turned a year old the day these pictures were taken. Soon enough, the rocking chair in her room will be traded in for a bean bag or someplace soft like that for her to read in by herself. The crib will come down to make way for a toddler bed and soon a big bed. The kitchen set in the living room will make way for a big dollhouse and American Girl furniture.

Times always change. But photos don't.