Five Minutes in the Snow with Aubrey | 5 Minute Project | Tuscarawas Co family and child photographer

I first heard about the idea of a 5 Minute Project from one of the photographers I greatly admire and try to learn from-- CJ Nicolai from Denver. I would love the opportunity to take her 5 Minutes class one day! Well, after seeing her various posts on Facebook about her own 5 Minutes portrait sessions, I decided to give it a try with a little different twist. Ms. Nicolai focuses on pushing her comfort zones by photographing people she just meets for five minutes, and I thought I would give this personal project of mine a go by photographing someone at a paid shoot aside from the main subject for five minutes. 

Today, I drove to Ontario OH, outside of Mansfield, to the home of one of my favorite client families-- the Sensels-- to do a smash cake for little Zach's first birthday. (See my last blog post for the last time I was at their home when he was born!) I have photographed big sister Aubrey quite a few times now, but I grabbed the opportunity to get her just playing and having fun in the snow.

My 5 Minute Project is simply a way for me to work on some technical and interpersonal skills. I have no real "time frame" or goal for the Project, so I will do it as the inspiration hits me. Most of them will happen at sessions with another sibling or possibly even a parent. I may do one with one of children's friends or one of my friends' children from time to time. Photos done during a 5 Minute Project will be included in the session's Designer Prints collection and will be available for download and additional print order purchases at a discounted rate, if desired.