The Erbs | A Family Story | Tuscarawas Co. family photographer

I have known Heather and Joe since our college days at Kent State, and this is the second year I have been able to photograph their family. We met at their home and literally did the whole session in about ten minutes (which was perfect for the kids because it was cold!)

I love to photograph families at home. Because Heather and I are friends, I remember when they bought this home. I remember them bringing the twins home and Chloe a few years later. I remember the adventures in remodeling and the fun that has been had in this cute little bungalow. Why wouldn't they want at least one family session in its front yard?


Many times when people ask me what kind of photographer I am and I respond with "a natural light photographer," they comment about that meaning I just don't have a studio yet. A studio space with a ton of natural light is not completely out of the question for me one day, but this will always still be my focus-- on locations that have a personal significance to the people I am photographing or on location where the focus is on the family's bond with one another. When you are thinking of family photos or children's photos, please do not disregard the significance of your own front or back yard or inside your home. 

One day, they might just be the most cherished photos your children will have of their childhood because of the memories they may invoke.