Love Crosses Oceans | An Adoption Announcement | Dover OH family photographer

I have been dying to share this awesome session I did a few weeks ago. Why is it awesome? Not so much that they are an adorable family. Not so much that they rocked their session. Not so much that the kids are too stinking cute for words. Not even because the pictures came out great.

It's awesome because this super-secret session was to announce to everyone outside of their small circle that they are expecting a new addition to the family by way of adoption from the Philippines. If you know Kelly and Nathan, make sure that you keep them in prayer as they now begin the waiting part of the journey!

And if you know someone adopting in the Tuscarawas county area, you may want to have them check out my adoption personal project. A dear friend came to the courthouse for us and photographed our two adoption ceremonies, and I felt so blessed that I want to pay-it-forward when I can.

Congratulations again, Nathan and Kelly and kids! Know that you have us to support you on your journey. What a blessing adoption is.