Katie Maiello, Actress | Head shots/Professional | Dover OH photographer

Four years ago, Katie joined the cast of Paul Green's Trumpet in the Land and moved to our area for each summer and early fall. Two of my children have been part of the show for years, and they just adore Katie because she plays with them as kids but still views them as fellow working professionals. Katie is a great actress, and I look forward to seeing her continued success. 

We met and did her head shots not far from "the big spring" that is such a focal point of our county and state's history as well as the story told about it. I don't know if Katie will return or not to the 2015 season of "Trumpet in the Land" but don't miss coming out to see it next summer. The producers do a fantastic job of finding a talented cast from all over the country to tell this important story.

You can learn more about Katie Maiello on her website or by following her on Facebook.